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Recently, many airlines have reduced the weight limit of checked luggage and are strictly enforcing the number of bags each passenger is allowed to check. The resulting fees can add hundreds of pounds to your original ticket price.

They are increasingly using excess baggage charges as a new revenue stream to increase profits. Customers get caught out at the check in desk and pay these high fees. - customers avoid this.

Bypass long check-in queues, cut out the stress. By utilising our luggage delivery service you can the queues and have more time enjoying your holiday or business travel. Whether you are emigrating, a student moving to halls of residence, going Skiing / Golfing abroad or simply going on Holiday, our service is perfect for you.    

Simply bring your luggage or sports equipment to your front door, where it will be collected by one of our world class leading couriers. We can also collect from work or even the golf clubhouse. You no longer have to haul heavy suitcases or cumbersome sports equipment to and from the airport. It will be delivered to an address of your choice almost anywhere in the world.

Our Luggage and sporting goods shipping service ensures you avoid the difficulty of arranging to get your items to and from the airport. This is a great benefit that is welcomed by frequent travellers and families alike. 

By using , your suitcases are already at your hotel, Villa or resort before you arrive. Our ski & snowboard delivery service ensures you are ready to hit the slopes as soon as you want, and with our golf club delivery service your clubs can be at your golf resort so you can enjoy that early morning tee off. Arrive fresher than you
ever have done before.

Eliminate the possibility of the airline losing your luggage. Whereas airlines specialise in transporting people, specialises in transporting luggage and sporting goods. We offer you peace of mind.