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Why forward luggage?

No heavy, awkward bags to weigh you down
No lost luggage to ruin your trip
No luggage check-in queues
No excess baggage charges
Door to door delivery
Safe, secure, on time and great value for money

Bypass long check-in lines, cut out the stress

Eliminate the most frustrating part of air travel - waiting in long check-in or security lines. Travelling without your luggage allows you to go directly to your departure gate and relax.

Eliminate the possibility of lost luggage

It is estimated that as many as 25 million items of luggage disappear each year. This equates to approximately 1 in 100 passengers losing something. Read more on lost luggage here.

Skip the wait at baggage claim

Avoid the lengthy wait for your luggage at the baggage carousel, grab that available taxi and get to your destination sooner.

Luggage and ski equipment transport