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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q How does it work?

  • Q Am I required to fill out a label / form ?

  • Q What do I need to do with the labels and paperwork?

  • Q Can I track my delivery?

  • Q Do you collect on weekends?

  • Q What items can I send through

  • Q What items can I NOT send through Luggage?

  • Q Does provide insurance cover?

  • Q How can I maximise my chances of smooth delivery?

  • Q What do I have to do to prepare my items for movements involving non EU locations?

  • Q What do I have to do to prepare my items for Non-European collection?

  • Q What is the liability of signing for a package?

  • Q Where and how do I make a claim for either loss or damage?

  • Q What details do we require to submit a claim through ?

  • Q Should I retain the damaged item that I wish to claim for?

  • Q Will a collection / Delivery take place if there is nobody at the address?

  • Q Why do I need to register in order to make a booking?

  • Q Do you collect and deliver Parcels?

  • Q I need an URGENT delivery! What can I do?

  • Q What happens if my delivery order is delayed?

  • Q What happens if my delivery order is damaged?

  • Q Why can I not see certain destinations available for luggage delivery?

  • Q Are there any cancellation fees?

  • Q What are the expected delivery times?

  • Q What is an airway bill?

  • Q How far in advance should I place my booking?

  • Q Do you deliver bicycles?

  • Q How do I pay ?

  • Q Does the weight of my bag(s) or travel case(s) matter?

  • Q I'm sending my luggage and sports equipment to a hotel, villa or resort. Where do I specify the name of the hotel, villa or resort?

  • Q Should I secure my luggage?

  • Q Should I use clothing or other items as padding my sports equipment?

  • Q Do I need to weigh and measure my bag / box?

  • Q Will I need to pay customs duties and charges?

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