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FetchMy Luggage - Luggage transport service

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Luggage shipping helpChoose the date you would like your luggage to arrive (collection date is calculated automatically) and location you want your luggage collected from.

Luggage shipping help Choose the location you want your luggage delivered to.

Luggage shipping help Type in the number of bags you want to send.

Our Company

Why forward luggage?

No heavy, awkward bags to weigh you down
No lost luggage to ruin your trip
No luggage check-in queues
No excess baggage charges
Door to door delivery
Safe, secure, on time and great value for money

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How does work?

work with the world's largest and best courier and shipping companies such as DHL, TNT, FedEx, City-Link and UPS. We have secured great discounts for our customers and pass on considerable savings as well as making the process easy to use.

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Saving You Money

Our door-to-door service beats most airline's excess baggage policies on both price and service levels. Most airlines charge you extra for taking hold luggage. This is in addition to the initial ticket price. They then charge extra again for going over your allocated weight allowance.

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